O Holy Night.

It’s Christmas!

What a year it has been.  I was working on our (last minute) Christmas card and trying to decide which of the ten thousand designs to choose from and wasn’t sure how to wrap up the year with just a few words or a phrase.  I finally settled on these words from my favorite Christmas carol.

“A thrill of hope…the weary world rejoices! For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!”

The world certainly has been weary for many whom I call friends and family.  It seems like each day the news is filled with hopelessness for so much of the world. Poverty, hunger and war dominate the headlines both at home and abroad. We harm one another and look out for our own interests first. Yet, despite all the tragedy the world has seen and experienced, these words are never more true.  Just beyond the horizon is a glimmer of the morning sunshine.  You can almost feel its warmth.   The love extended to us by God is a light that cannot be extinguished and breaks through the darkest of nights.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 11.11.20 AM

Today may we all be warmed by that light breaking into our lives.  May we find hope in the midst of hopelessness, peace in the midst of anxiety.  Remember that no matter how weary you are today there is hope on the horizon.  You are never beyond the reach of the light of Christ in your life.  Merry Christmas my friends!




Author: gynecologyandtheology

Academic OBGYN. Married to a theologian. Thoughts and words are based on research as well as my opinion. Enjoy.

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